About us

Designed for reusable technical textiles

Surgical drapes and gowns made of reusable technical textiles are a modern and sustainable alternative for operating theatres. They come as state of the art designs to offer comprehensive solutions for all types of surgeries and specializations.

Medical grade tape is required to guarantee correct and safe sealing of the operating field. Our self-adhesive accessories (e.g. OR-tape) allow to fix surgical drapes to the patient by meeting or exceeding clinical standards and norms.

Are reusable surgical textiles safe to use?

The patient is offered a high level of comfort and protection when using reusable technical drapes. These are low linting fabrics that reduce the number of particles in the environment. They also serve as a barrier around the surgical area against contamination when used in combination with medical tape.

All these benefits contribute to prevention and reduction of surgical site infections.

Healthcare professionals such as nurses and surgeons are the first to experience the comfort of reusable technical gowns and drapes. The high quality laminates and microfiber fabrics offer different levels of protection to surgical staff such as resistance to microbial penetration and fluids.

Self-adhesive surgical strips, liquid collection bags and other accessories with wash soluble adhesive complete the functionality of reusable surgical procedure packs.

Why use Eurotape products?

Our products are developed in close cooperation with the manufacturers of reusable surgical covering materials. The use of reusable systems provides environmental benefits and a low carbon footprint, thus helping to create a sustainable world.

Major hospitals and medical care institutions around the world use our products wherever reducing surgical site infections and quality is a priority.

Our unique selling points

  • We offer a comprehensive product portfolio based on our own product development and adhesives production.
  • Our products are Made in Europe, CE marked, and in accordance with the latest ISO 13485 standards.
  • We deliver premium quality and customised products in small series. We are competitive, deliver swiftly and are committed to building close relationships with our customers.