Universal surgical set – Reusable draping system with medical tape

This surgical set is composed of high performance reusable textiles which are water repellent and resistant to microbial penetration. Reusable gowns and drapes provide maximum comfort for patient and surgical team. The breathable materials keep the body temperature steady. Large absorbent areas of high protection textile surround the surgical wound. The composition of the universal set is versatile and allows the use in many surgeries of different specialisms. The surgical drapes are fixed with wash soluble medical tape to avoid damage to the drapes and to define precisely the operating field. SoFilmPlus incise film with antimicrobial is used to lower the risk of post-operative infections. The adhesive on all accessories is biocompatible, unaffected by fluids and adjusts perfectly to the patient’s skin. The set also includes non-woven, water-repellent and lint-free medical strips with wash soluble adhesive to fix tubes and cables during surgery. All items are latex free.
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